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Durian fruit … finally

Sooooooooo we finally decided to try a Durian fruit. Besides being quite expensive (approx. $10 USD for 4 servings) Durian’s are notorious for their odor. Apparently they can smell so bad they are banned in many hotels and other similar venues, like NO ADMITTANCE kinda stinky. Fortunately, we didn’t let it sit long enough for the odor to get bad, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I am still a bit intrigued at how bad they can really¬†get.

It’s definitely an unusual fruit, the texture was a bit like a soft banana crossed with a light mousse and the flavor was even more strange. There were hints of pineapple, apple, and banana and while it took a while to grow on me, I’m quite the fan now. And apparently, they are incredibly nutritious.