Finally got around to sorting through some of the photos we took during our trip to Bangkok in 2014. Originally we were considering moving to Chile but there was just something special about Thailand and after just 2 short weeks, we were hooked.

Bangkok Skyline

Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant

Thai Boxing at the world famous Lumphini Stadium

Various temples


The Black House – Bandaam Museum

This museum is definitely an addition to the “Must See” list in Northern Thailand. The museum, which I wouldn’t consider to be a black house, is a collection of artwork by the deceased Thawan Duchanee. Admission is free, yep FREE. There are a number of smaller structures in addition to the main building that resembles a large temple. As one would expect, Buddhist artwork, statues and influences are present all over the property, however there is also a certain darkness  reflected in much of the artwork and displays. We will be returning at night to see the change in ambiance after the sun sets. A ton of great pictures of this museum can be found with a quick search on Google.

The Black House - Baan Daam

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The Black House - Baan Daam 19.991990, 99.860616

Loi Krathong

Experiencing Loi Krathong and Yi Peng in Chiang Mai for the first time was something to behold. While I am sure that pilots flying in and out of the Chiang Mai airport weren’t so keen on it, we sure enjoyed watching the progression of lanterns floating in the night sky in the days leading up the full moon. The night of Loi Krathong was a bit surreal. If I had to compare it to something in the United States, it was a bit like the 4th of July combined with the atmosphere of New Years Eve. We, along with thousands of other tourists and locals alike, spent the evening on the east side of the moat near Tha Phae Gate. If this area wasn’t the center piece to the whole event, I can’t imagine what was.

The east side gates of the moat
The east side gates of the moat

Paper Lanterns Fireworks and Lanterns

The sky was filled 360 degrees with lanterns.
The sky was filled 360 degrees with lanterns.
These could be purchased for 30 baht.
These could be purchased for 30 baht.

Considering how many floats and lanterns were let go, we were blown away at how quickly the streets and surrounding area were cleaned up the following day. What the area lacks in municipal services was sure made up for with a collective cleaning effort.